Congratulations on your win. A fabulous idea. Every time I hear your name it is in a positive context.

Barri Rafferty
Partner, CEO and President, Ketchum

Dear Carol:

I can’t thank you enough for your fantastic PRSSA presentation. I knew it would be great and it definitely was.

The post-presentation buzz has been very enthusiastic to say the least. You set-out to challenge and inspire these students and you certainly accomplished that goal.

Please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to try to return the favor.

Again, great job. I was tearing-up in the back and left the session eager to take on the world.

Steve Quigley
BU College of Communication


I am such a fan. You are brains, heart and verve.

I really needed to be reminded of the opportunity at hand and reconnected with the possibilities and vision I first saw in this work when I began 10 years ago.

Olivia Khalili
Oath For Good


It was a great meeting.  Always good to get your thoughts – especially since you have such insight into what’s trending externally and can integrate that knowledge into ideas for our program since you have known Grow Up Great since, well, birth!  I also love that you both push us into not accepting the status quo.

Sharon Circone


Thanks so much for your note and for the resources. We will share them with team members who wanted more information.

Everyone raved about your presentation! A wonderful combo with Bill indeed. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Amelia Woltering
American Express

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