April 15, 2018

Purposeful Connections // April 10, 2018


Today is Equal Pay Day which marks the 100 extra days women must work (on average) in 2018 in order to make what their male counterparts made in 2017. The time to crack the gender pay gap is past due. This week we share the results from the U.K.’s recent mandatory wage gap reporting effort along with some of the spring ideas hatching from brands like Chobani, Slack and KultureCity. Finally the only definition for “purpose” you will ever need and insights to “C” suite leadership for purpose adoption from Purpose Collaborative partner Oliver Russell.

BRAND ACTIVATION | Chobani: The Future of Food

Last month, Chobani yogurt offered a free yogurt to every person in America to celebrate the company’s 10 year mark. Free anything is intriguing, but Chobani’s real selling point is their revamped mission to create good food that ALSO has a good impact on people. The shift is part of Chobani’s mission to fix our broken food system and transform the leading Greek yogurt company into a universal wellness company. As part of the company’s 10 year milestone, Chobani partnered with No Child Hungry to donate yogurt to children in need across the U.S. The Chobani Incubator Program also awards $25,0  00 grants along with access to the Chobani leadership team and resources to entrepreneurs working to make better food for all people. Click the link below to learn more!

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INNOVATION IN ACTION | The New “Yelp for Sensory Needs”

In the same way Yelp helps us locate the best burger in town, a new app created by the non-profit KultureCity can help those with autism or other sensory needs locate inclusive spaces across the U.S. For those with autism or conditions like PTSD, large crowds and noises can be both disruptive and at times detrimental. Sensory rooms help with this and use calming colors, sounds and fidget gadgets to help those with sensory needs feel more in control of their space. The KultureCity app integrates user feedback and reviews to locate and share sensory inclusive spaces around the U.S. The app helps create more inclusive communities by opening the door to places like zoos, aquariums and sports arenas that are otherwise overwhelming for those with special needs. Read more below.

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DATA | The Persistent Pay Gap

In 2016, the U.K. government mandated wage reporting for companies with more than 250 employees in hopes of closing the country’s persistent pay gap. Last week, the U.K released the 2017 results compiled from over 10,000 different U.K. companies. According to the report, the median pay gap between men and women is 9.7% with some companies like Goldman Sachs and Barclays reporting a media pay gap of 36% and 43.5%! Click the link below to see how the U.K. aims to leverage this data and ultimately reduce the pay gap in the future.

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TECH | Slack Develops Tool to Identify “Mansplaining”

In an era where women are encouraging each other to lean in at the corporate table, a subtle but pervasive gender bias remains and takes root in the digital communication world. Mansplaining is when someone, typically a man, explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a way that is regarded as condescending or patronizing and usually in line with traditional gender bias. However Slack, one of the most popular corporate communication tools, hopes to discourage mansplaining through its platform. Slack aims to change the corporate conversation and “promote more equal, inclusive workplace cultures” by tracking how digital communication changes when interacting with different demographic groups. Click below for more.

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AUDIENCE INSIGHTS | The Difference Between Purpose and Mission

When we first created this newsletter, we called it “Purposeful Connections,” but what does that title really mean? The answer involves separating “purpose” from “mission” and developing a deeper connection to why we do business rather than what we expect to achieve. Click the link below to learn the difference and see why defining purpose for a business creates an authentic commitment to social impact that lasts much longer than the lifespan of a few buzz-worthy #purpose tweets.

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Still wondering how to create a purpose-driven business? Check out this no-nonsense approach from Purpose Collaborative partner Russ Stoddard, founder of Idaho-based creative agency Oliver Russell. Stoddard’s three simple actions outline how CEOs can pivot towards purpose and what they stand to gain in the process.

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